To be unaware of the truths is to live a lie. To be unaware of what life is all about and why we are here is to be caught up a misrepresentation. The way you see the world is a function of the way you have been taught to see it. From the time you were a small child, you were trained and conditioned to believe certain things. You were told to fit into the crowd and behave like everyone else. You were taught not to sing too loud when you were happy and not to dream too big when you were feeling inspired. You learned that those who are different would not be accepted and that conformity would lead to success. You were taught not to speak your truth and not to be too loving or else you’d be taken advantage of. You were taught that possessions and external power would bring you lasting happiness. These beliefs would be taught by schoolteachers, religious figures, friends, parents, television and the media. A lot of these things that you were taught were absolutely wrong.

First of all, we are all connected at an invisible level. We all belong to the same family. The saying that says; “you are all cut from the same cloth” is a truth. When you hurt another person, you hurt yourself as well. Most people can’t see that. We compete against each other for what we believe and we fail to support each other. We hoard and grab because we are in fear that if another wins, we must lose. We fear that there isn’t enough abundance and prosperity in the world for everyone. We fear that if we genuinely help another person we will somehow lose something rather than seeing the truth behind this lie which is that the more we help others, the more abundance will flood into our lives. The first stage is about self-betrayal. In our fear of not fitting in with the crowd, we begin to forget our original nature and adopt the beliefs, values and behaviours of the world around us. It takes great strength to leave the crowd and to be true to your original nature. That is true leadership. The deeper part of you, your conscience knows when you are authentic. When you dishonour yourself by not living up to the magnificent potential that has been invested in you, your conscience will see it. When you fail to pour love into the world, your conscience sees it. All this betrayal of our true selves leads us to a slow and painful death. You conscience cannot bear to watch these things, so it begins to withdraw and shut down. We, as people begin to lose self-respect. Our self-worth plummets. We begin to feel unhappy, angry and irritable. At a physical level we lack energy and vitality and may even grow ill. We do all this to ourselves and it generally happens at an unconscious level. We buy into this lie about who we must be and how we must live and it ends up killing us.

It all starts when we are infants. We look to our parents to teach us how the world works and we are hungry for their love and so we do whatever we need to do to become like them, hoping in that we will feel and act like them and we will receive their adoration. Unfortunately in doing so, we leave our true selves behind.

To awaken your best self, it’s a journey home. It’s a return to your original nature. We already are everything we’ve always dreamed of being. We’ve just forgotten it along the way. In Christ we have been perfected. Like a small apple is perfect and just have to grow into maturity, we cannot improve upon perfection. You don’t need self-improvement but self-remembering. To self-remember is to reclaim the state of being perfected in Christ. As new-born children of God we walked out into this fear-filled world of ours, a world that spoiled us along the way. A filter gets set up between the Truth and our human perception. This filter consists of all the lies that we were taught. The world we think we see is actually not the truth but a composite of all the ways we have been trained to see by those around us, well meaning as they were.

You can only make new choices once you have become aware of something that’s not right in your life. If you have the courage to start asking people for honest feedback about how you could improve as a person and let’s say your loved ones are courageous enough to speak truthfully and you listen to them, this would build new awareness in you.

Once you grow aware that you are following the crowd and living an unauthentic life, you are presented with a choice: continue to live as you have always been living-and in so doing, resign yourself to a life of unhappiness and mediocrity or step up to your biggest life. Nothing is more important than having the bravery to live your life and not someone else’s.

This point offers you the chance to choose your biggest life or to stay small and remain among the herd, unconsciously following those around you as each in turns falls of the cliff. You will be setting yourself up for a life of deep regret and utter heartbreak by the time your reach the end. All those people that you lived to please will no longer be around. On your deathbed, the only person you will have to answer to is the person you look at in the mirror every morning. Life is such a fragile thing. Nothing so destroys the heart as the knowledge that you had the chance to manifest the gorgeous potential you were meant to be and you refused to accept the call.

We must carve out some time each day to ask ourselves why we are here, how we are living and whether we are making the highest use of the gifts that has been given to us. We must frequently be in connection with our dreams. We will not be able to dream a dream and not having the capacity to bring the dream to life. Become a person of action. Do the best you know how to do and then let go and accept whatever comes to you with a happy heart.

The choice point is all about making some kind of a sacrifice. Nothing good comes without some kind of sacrifice. It is about leaving the world you have known and venturing out onto the unknown frontiers of your highest life and to access that highest life. You have to want it more than anything else in the world!!

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